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Update, update, updates!!!

I’ve been busy trying to tidy up a few of the loose ends and make sure everything works. The menu at the top of the page was giving me terrible fits though. But. I think that I got it working now.

I’ve put new categories up and have a couple of fun additions to the Fab Sites that you will like.

Also I have added a couple of new real country weddings to the list, so that is something to definitely check out.


Country Weddings, Again!!!

Alright, I have and will only walk down the aisle one time. In my case it was an old dirt lane, but still, one time. This site however, is another matter all together. And I have decided to start it again. My original MT site is gone. I can’t find my login anymore and I suspect they have deleted it. But I regress.

Since my husband Mike and I got married in ’12 I have been interested in helping women achieve their goals and celebrate a country wedding. While the landscape has changed since my first attempt there is still plenty of opportunity to help shape your happily ever after. And while there are many of new resources that have sprung up since my old site has gone offline the shapes in which your wedding can take on the country flare have also grown.

So let’s get you set up with everything you’ll need to plan your wedding, your way!