Your Happily Ever After

If you have never been to a country wedding, you’ve been missing out.

My Story

What makes a wedding your wedding?

Thought the question my seem odd at first there are plenty of ways to celebrate a wedding that won’t feel at all like you.

Let me explain. When my husband asked me to marry him, he did so in front of the old apple tree that we had met under more than a decade before. It was a sweet, simple setting that made everything seem so much more enchanted.

The planning that came afterwards was much different. The traditional “cookie” cutter wedding plans were soon after underway. And while it was “special” it didn’t seem at all like us. As more people became involved in the planning stage, mothers gave their input, and things got more “finalized” we realized that the wedding we were looking forward to wasn’t our wedding at all.

This is how you can end up celebrating somebody else’s wedding.

And the more we thought of that prospect, the more we distanced ourselves from the plans that were being made. Until…

…we revolted!

It would be untrue to say that we restarted all of the planning. But we did relocate it. And that is when we realized that what we really wanted was a country wedding. And that is exactly what we got.

Hurdles to Jump

There were not a lot of resources available for this type of wedding back then. Few brides had dared to challenge the norm, and we needed to get through a couple of tight spots on our own without any reference to go on. While this was a challenge associated with getting married under an open sky it was a small price to pay for our dream wedding.

Everything needed to be specially selected. There were rustic country wedding invitations that needed to be specially made for the affair. The reception had to be rethought, the venue had to be moved. When it came to ideas we had plenty. But choosing the ones that would work, the ones that we knew we needed and ones that just weren’t going to fit was a hurdle that we jumped. But we jumped them together.

I can only imagine that more than a few brides turned back, choosing to abandon their country wedding in favor of something a little more, well, traditional and safe.

That was the reason I started blogging about the subject years ago. Then I didn’t have a lot of options and I ended up abandoning that page.

While I had been successful in giving a few wedding that rustic feel the number of readers I had on my site was small. And so after a couple of years I decided to give it up. Well, that isn’t entirely true. When our first child, our son Toby was born I had little time, and even less energy. And the decision to retire from the blogging world was made for me.

Now that I have more of both, who would think that a 27 year old woman would say that, the desire to come back has been growing.

Crystal’s Suggests

As I continue to build the site I will be adding different resources to the site. For right now I have compiled a list of excellent suggestions that will help give you a foot hold and provide you with inspiration and ideas on how to style your country themed wedding.

Country Wedding Sites

There are a number of sites that have good info and ideas for you to choose from. Here are a couple of surefire ways to get your wedding plans going strong.

    • Great American Country is a good place to start looking for inspiration. I have found there suggestions both inspirational and easy to achieve. Something that can’t always be said about some of the other country wedding suggestions I’ve found online and in magazines.
    • What can I say? Country Living is a great site that expands out beyond weddings and into the formative year that follows the wedding. They have a great set of editors that know what it really means to live in the country.
    • I’ve been reading Wedding Ideas Mag for a while. And while I don’t always agree with them on all topics that doesn’t matter. When they have a good idea it is a home run and you’ll miss out if you don’t give them at least a look.

“But what if I don’t live in the country?”

Don’t panic. While it is true, the ideal place for a country wedding is in fact in the country it isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t.

There is a certain type of rustic charm that is present in all country weddings, but this same charm can be enjoyed just about anywhere you live. And that means if you live in the Big Apple, or the Windy City you can enjoy all of the down to earth charm that those in a more rustic setting do. It will just take a little work.

I want to make this a feature of the site.

Though it will not be a focus. And give young women ideas on how they could best style their service and reception. Unfortunately this isn’t something I’ve had a lot of experience with. I’ve never lived in the Big City, I was country born and raised and so this area will need a little work.

So stay tuned I have a lot coming. And if you have suggestions or would like to point out some great country wedding ideas that haven’t been featured don’t be shy.